Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Water-Based Fire
Extinguishing Systems
Package-Type, SP OWL


Saves on installation costs compared to sprinkler systems, since less equipment needs to be installed
No water source, pump, water inlet, valve unit, water flow detector, or end of line test valve is needed. Additionally, there is no risk of freezing or leakage because the inside of the piping remains empty except when releasing water.
A high-performance extinguishing agent enables less amount to be discharged
A minimum of 12.8 tons of water must be supplied from the water source in order for a sprinkler system to work (when 8 units are discharging simultaneously at 80 L/min), but since SP OWL uses a high-performance fire extinguishing agent, it can be installed with only 220 L (=0.22 ton, equivalent to one full bathtub) of the agent.
Easy-to-read map display (HUMAP) makes it easy to identify where an alarm is going off
In the event a fire breaks out, the location can be quickly confirmed, and evacuation can be meticulously carried out. By installing a sub-receiver (optional), the map can also be displayed in locations other than the room where the control panel is installed, such as nursing stations.
Applying the advanced techniques that we cultivated in developing automatic fire alarm systems, we have succeeded in reducing the wiring, thereby bringing down installation costs.
Package-Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Type I SP OWL
The installation of an optional manual activation device will enable you to initiate fire suppression quickly, in the event a fire alarm (first alarm) goes off and you discover that a fire has started after checking the premises.
Package-Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Type I SP OWL
Package-Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Type I SP OWL


Product Name

Package-Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Type I SP OWL


Product Category Package-Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System Type I
Model No. HPSS1-200
Approval No. PGA-005
System Specifications Simultaneously Dischargeable Area Max. 21 m² Discharge Time Approx. 2 min 45 sec
Max. Number of Areas 200 areas Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Wiring Heat-resistant wiring [*Ordinary wiring from addressable adapter to non-addressable detector]
Max. Wiring Length When φ1.2 mm, max. length of transmission line is 600 m
Extinguishing Agent Unit
Extinguishing Agent Type Water with type 3 wetting agent solution, etc.
Internal Volume 112 L×2 units Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.6 MPa
Extinguishing Agent Fill Volume 110 L×2 units Material SUS304
Extinguishing Agent Cylinder Empty Weight Approx. 40 kg
Fill Gas Nitrogen Capacity 20 L
Max. Fill Pressure 14.7 MPa
Gas Weight Approx.
3.2 kg
Cylinder Valve Model HFV-40N Approval No. Yo-083
Solenoid Valve Actuator Model CS-24T Rated Voltage DC24V/1.5A
Pressure Regulator Inlet Pressure 14.7 MPa Outlet Pressure 0.85–0.95 MPa
Main Unit Power AC100 V 50/60 Hz
Emergency Power Supply 6 Ah Capacity 6 Ah/5 HR Approval No. 13-6
Emergency Power Supply 10 Ah Capacity 10 Ah/5 HR Approval No. 14-1
Selector Valve Rated Voltage DC24 V
Head (Water Outlet) Max. Number of Units 4 units per simultaneously dischargeable area Material Nickel plating
Discharge Volume 23.3 L/min (per unit when 0.1 MPa)
Max. Height 3.6 m Head Center Distance 2.3 m (R1.6 m)
Detector Our designated product that has met Japanese standards
Manifold (Discharge Tube) Material C3604B Weight Approx.
380 g
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.6 MPa
Main Piping Material SGP Nominal Diameter 25 A
Max. Piping Length 90 m
Branch Piping Material C1220T Outside/Inside Diameter 12 mm/10 mm
Max. Piping Length 6 m
Manual Activation Device
Model KG20C-10B Type Key Switch
Classification Extinguishing Agent Unit Receiver
External Dimensions 908(W)×2,000(H)×350(D) mm 540(W)×1,050(H)×180(D) mm
Material/Coating Color SPCC/Munsell: 8N Steel Plate/Munsell: 5YB/0.5

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