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Disposal, Collection, and Recycling of Fire Extinguishers

What is an Eco-Cycle System?

The Hatsuta Eco-Cycle System: We Recycle Our Own Products

We at Hatsuta are assiduously reducing factory-generated waste from the production of fire extinguishers. We also design our products with due care so that they use less environmentally hazardous substances and resources can be regenerated by recycling. In addition, we make maximum use of parts and materials salvaged from used fire extinguishers. In this way, Hatsuta’s environmental philosophy is strongly reflected in its fire extinguishers at every stage of the product life cycle, from development and manufacturing to sale, service, and recycling.

Under Hatsuta’s Eco-Cycle System, old fire extinguishers are collected and disassembled, and the parts and cylinders are recycled as resources and used again, while the extinguishing agents are recycled at the main factory.

* Regarding dry chemical extinguishing agents, we recycle them based on the approval granted on May 30, 2003, in accordance with the Detailed Rules for the Testing of Fire Extinguishing Agents for Fire Extinguishers (Japanese national standards), and the individual certification acquired on June 23 of the same year.

What is Hatsuta’s Environmental Technology?

Recycling Unused Dry Chemical Extinguishing Agents

Recycling of ABC dry chemical extinguishing agents has dramatically increased the recycling rate. Foreign and altered substances are removed from the fire extinguishing agents recovered from fire extinguishers, and the agents are treated with Hatsuta’s proprietary siliconization process and then homogenized by removing the water content before being converted into raw material. Only the material that has passed rigorous inspection by an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer and shows the same levels of performance and quality as existing products is recycled as a fire extinguishing agent. Fire extinguishing agents manufactured using these recycled agents are handled in the same way as newly produced fire extinguishing agents. The recycling and reuse of dry chemical extinguishing agents can contribute to the “effective use of limited resources” and “anti-pollution of global environment,” and Hatsuta, as a company committed to environmental issues, will further focus its efforts on these areas.

  • Equipment for Siliconizing Recovered Material—Regenerates Dry Chemical Agents

    The ABC dry chemical extinguishing agent, with the foreign and altered substances removed, is mixed with special silicone and other materials by a particular method, and is completely regenerated in approximately one hour.

  • High-Performance XRF Spectrometer— Analyzes Recovered Dry Chemical Agents

    The finished ABC dry chemical extinguishing agent is subjected to X-ray analysis to confirm that foreign substances have been removed at the elemental level.