Let’s do a status checkup of your workplace
just like the doctors conduct the health checkup.

We will identify fire risks in your workplace
and take best preventive measures.

By taking checkup every year,
changes of score can be visualized for each checkpoints.

You can understand the health condition
of your factory and keep proper maintenance.

Consultant Report and Master Plan

Making a best proposal for the customers based on
our consultant report and master plan.

Fire Sciences

Fire prevention measures are scored

Fire Sciences

Report with photos

Fire Sciences

Optimal proposals for improvement measures

More than 1,600 cases diagnosed.

For example, there are more than 150 points to check.

Check points


Fire Sciences

Places using fire such as kitchen area have high fire risk.

Production line

Fire Sciences

Fire prevention measures for individual production facilities are required.

Hazardous materials

Fire Sciences

Be careful with hazardous materials such as gasoline and kerosene that can cause fires and spread fires.

Combustible materials

Fire Sciences

Combustible materials such as wood, carton and paper can spread fire quickly.

Facilities to diagnose

Automotive parts factory
Electronic components factory
Rubber products factory
Chemical facility
Medical products factory
Plastic plant
Wood processing factory
Paper factory
Textile facility
Printing factory
Food factory
Logistic facility
Industrial waste facility

Examples of Diagnosis

From the fire accident in Japan, the fire accident will be expanded to the subsidiary plant in Thai in 2019. As the result SAMURAI CONSULTANT has conducted immediately.

Deployment from the factory fire in India to the one in Thailand. As the result SAMURAI CONSULTANT has conducted immediately.

Adopted SAMURAI CONSULTANT as part of BCP. Fire risk trends were analyzed and shared within the company. Implemented at 15 sites including domestic and overseas group companies.

In order to improve the quality this company requested SAMURAI CONSULTANT. As the result they have applied in the 34 sites.


China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia

※For other countries, please feel free to contact us.

Now expanding service areas

A part of the profits from Samurai Consultant
will be donated to S-PROJECT.

Fire Sciences

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