Corporate Philosophy

Company Motto

Based on the principles of sincerity, hard work, and perseverance, and through sound business management, we deliver outstanding products to the market and contribute to the improvement of the public interest.

At Hatsuta Seisakusho, we pursue our business activities with the above Company Motto as our guiding principle.
Hatsuta Seisakusho will continue to grow, driven by this sense of purpose.

Message from the President

Since its founding, Hatsuta Seisakusho has adopted the corporate philosophy of safeguarding human life, property, and cultural assets from fires, and is actively engaging in business activities to keep on providing safety and security to our society and to the general public.
Nowadays, when natural disasters occur with increasing frequency, we strive to develop products and services that help mitigate the damage, always trying to rise to the challenge.

In addition, science and technology, such as artificial intelligence, drones, autonomous driving, and 5 G, are progressing by leaps and bounds. We will continue our efforts to help achieve a better society by implementing the slogan for our mid-term management plan, TRY FOR INNOVATION, incorporating technologies and ideas that are fundamentally new, as well as providing novel products and services.

President and Representative Director
Kazuhiro Hatsuta



We safeguard precious human life, property, and cultural assets


We create environmentally friendly disaster prevention systems designed to protect against fires and disasters, and rise to the challenge of realizing a safe and secure society, transcending national borders and cultures


We pledge the following:


We work to create happiness for everyone associated with the company


Each and every one of us will take the initiative to think and act


We aim for sound management and pursue the right level of profit


We provide new value to the market


We offer products and services that benefit the society