Our Businesses

Description of Businesses

Hatsuta Seisakusho offers total solutions and services that safeguard precious human life, property, and cultural assets by providing environmentally friendly disaster prevention systems to protect our society from fires and disasters.

Disaster Prevention Business

The disaster prevention business is the ancestral business and origin of Hatsuta Seisakusho. Following the invention of the “Dual Bottle (Nijubin) Fire Extinguisher,” we subsequently developed a range of disaster prevention equipment comprising fire extinguishers, simple package-type fire extinguishing systems, and firefighting equipment based on the concept of universal design. Our business continues to expand in response to various needs and scenarios. Through the offering of risk assessment based on the Hatsuta Triple Consulting (HTC) service, we will continue to offer disaster prevention equipment that incorporates BCP better, for a safer environment and society.

Firefighting System Business

In this business, we handle everything from the manufacturing to the installation of firefighting systems. We provide firefighting systems most suitable for each building or plant based on a professional assessment of the premises and in accordance with the Fire Service Act. Recently, we have added package-type automatic firefighting systems for nursing care facilities to our lineup, and we will continue to offer safe and compact firefighting systems as well.

FPS Business

With the aim of realizing a safer environment, we offer fire extinguishing systems for machinery and for installing alongside semiconductor manufacturing equipment as our main focus that are available for voluntary installation according to BCP requirements. We provide total solutions by handling the production, sale, and maintenance of equipment. Based on the business concept of maintaining the space for disaster prevention, we will continue to conduct business activities that take safety standards into consideration.

Fire Hose Business

In the fire hose business, we offer heavy-duty hoses developed with the toughness required of hoses during actual firefighting in mind. Our proprietary brand, YOKOI, offers hoses that hold up well under harsh conditions. They are also well adapted to use with continuously evolving firefighting equipment. We produce colored hoses with a solid reputation for ease of use. The color of our hoses derives from colored yarn (yarn that has been dyed in advance), instead of the conventional method of surface coating. Also, as part of our effort to help promote knowledge and understanding of fire hoses, we provide “CFBT-International” education and practical training on fire hoses to various firefighting organizations.