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Company Profile


December 1902
Acquired the marketing rights to a dual lined fire extinguisher container invented by Mr.Bunpei Takagi and founded Nijubin Shokaki K.K. in Kyoto.
July 1944
Company name changed to Hatsuta Industries Co., Ltd.
August 1947
Hatsuta Seisakusho Co., Ltd. spun off from Hatsuta Industries Co., Ltd. with a capital investment of Yen 195,000.
October 1961
Received an award for excellence from the Governor of Osaka.
June 1963
Commenced manufacturing and marketing fire-extinguishing equipment marking the company's beginnings as a comprehensive manufacturer of fire prevention equipment.
January 1964
Developed and marketed a Seamless fire extinguisher container. Nijubin Shokaki
December 1965
Acquired the Japanese patent for the Seamless fire extinguisher container.
September 1967
Acquired the US patent for Seamless fire extinguisher container.
April 1968
Moved to the newly constructed head office building in Hirakata City, Osaka. Commenced operations at the newly constructed fire extinguisher container manufacturing plant in Hirakata City, Osaka.
April 1970
Participated in the 1970 World Exposition held in Osaka. April 1972 Founded the National Hatsuta Society as a national organ of sales outlets.
February 1985
Developed and marketed the Cabinex compact fire-extinguishing system.
June 1987
Participated in the Science World Expo Tsukuba '85.
January 1989
Development and marketing of the Amulay packaged type automatic fire extinguishing system
June 1990
Development and marketing link formed with Japan Fenwol Co., Ltd.
March 1998
Marketing link with GINGE-KERR (Denmark) for Argonite.
August 1998
The company received ISO9001 certification.
August 1999


ISO9001(Certificate Number JQA-QM3671)Goods or services in respect of which the Firm is Registered.design / development, manufacture and servicing (refill of extinguishing agent and supply of repair parts) of fire extinguisher, hand hose line type fire extinguishingsystem, package type fire extinguishing system, automatic fire extinguishing system and extinguishing agent.
November 1999
FM Approval for CABINEX
November 2002
October 2003
NK-Hatsuta (Shanghai) established
January 2004
ECOSS fire extinguisher -ecological friendly-
February 2005
Ningbo Plant established
March 2007
CASSO awarded by IF DESIGN
January 2008
Practical training facility Ji-Sho Kan opened
June 2010
Hatsuta exhibit at INTERSCHUTZ 2010 in Germany (International exhibition for rescue, fire prevention, disaster relief, safety and security)
April 2011
Industries first Carbon Footprint Marked fire extinguisher
August 2011
SIAM HATSUTA established in Bangkok, Thailand
May 2012
Development and marketing link formed with Nippon Dry-Chemical CO., LTD.
January 2015
won silver prize in ECO MARK AWARD2014
  • CABINEX Series
  • ECOSS pure water
  • Replacement Parts for CABINEX

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