HATSUTA’s Commitment

What We at Hatsuta Can Do for the Future

EUQ-MARK's Policy

With “consideration” as the keyword in its policy, “Ecology,” “Universal Design,” and “Quality” have always been at the core of Hatsuta Seisakusho brand creation. We created the EUQ Mark in 2007 to embody these three themes.

The initial letters of the three themes (E, U, and Q) are incorporated into an oval based on the golden ratio, which is considered to be the most balanced and beautiful proportion, and expressed in three colors: green (the Earth), pink (caring kindness), and blue (sense of security peace of mind).

In order to protect our beautiful Earth, we will continue to provide safe and reliable high-quality products and services, and strive to make HATSUTA the brand of choice among users.

Developing Environmentally Friendly Products

In 2003, we were the first in the industry to receive Eco Mark certification for our fire extinguishers. Since then, we have kept on developing such environmentally friendly products that have continued to earn Eco Mark certification. Also, in 2007, we launched the NEW ECOSS Zero-Emission Service, a service that enables the reduction of waste, and will continue to achieve compliance and zero emissions with our fire extinguishers.

Developing Fire Extinguishers That are Easy to Use for Even Children and the Elderly

We are working to develop products that express our care for the people who use them.By incorporating the keyword “consideration” in our policy, we convey to our customers how much we care for them through our products and services. HATSUTA’s consideration for people supports the safeguarding of precious human life and valuable property.

Ensuring Safer, More Reliable Quality

We conduct regular audits based on our environmental and quality management systems, and we continuously work to achieve better results.To safeguard the environment and quality, we strive to offer products and services with the aim of producing safe and reliable quality as well as achieving harmony with nature.