Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Machines

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Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (Mechanical Foam) for Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) and Rotogravure Printing Equipment

The ing24II ensures the safe operation of EDMs and rotogravure printing equipment. Fire accidents can occur while EDMs and rotogravure printing equipment using organic solvents are running. Even if one machine is stopped, the slowdown in production and the recovery process will clearly lead to significant losses. The ing24II can support your company’s BCP by keeping damage to a minimum if a fire occurs.

Excellent extinguishing performance
The ing24II will quickly and effectively detect and extinguish a fire. The amount of extinguishing agent can be chosen depending on the size of the processing tank or ink pan.
24-hour automatic detection
The ing24II is equipped with a fire detector so it can automatically detect a fire 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind.
Instant detection with flame detector (limited to the model dedicated for rotogravure)
In addition to the standard heat detector, the ing24II can also be equipped with a flame detector. The flame detector is exceedingly fast at detecting fires, and so can keep damage to a minimum. It also includes a false alarm prevention function.
Compact and slim box
The ing24II is designed with the concept of being slim and compact, so that it will not interfere with the customers’ working environment.
Various interlock outputs
The ing24II is not only an automatic fire extinguishing system, it can also shut down the EDM or rotogravure and issue a fire alarm signal by using its various interlock outputs.
Optimal Fire Detector
[Heat Detector]・THKS-10


Product Name ing24Ⅱ





Approval No. HT-DE-01-000HT-DE-02-000
Extinguishing Agent Type Mechanical foam extinguishing agent
Equipment Weight Approx. 14 kgApprox. 20 kg
Extinguishing Agent Volume 3.5 L6.0 L
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C
Discharge Time (Approx.) 60 sec80 sec
External Dimensions 580(H)×
180(W)×230(D) mm
210(W)×250(D) mm
Material SPCC
Foam Release Nozzle Small type foam nozzle (Model N1-L1)
Control Panel
Input Voltage AC200 V ±10% 50/60 Hz
Alarm Buzzer Fire: continuous sound;
Fault: intermittent sound
Power Indicator Lamp Green LED
(Normal condition: ON,
Faulty condition: Flashing,
No power: OFF)
Heat Detector Input 2 lines (fixed at 70°C setting)
Fire Annunciating Relay Form C contact ×1
Fault Annunciating Relay Form C contact ×1
(Fault includes: Sensor open circuit, actuator disconnection, power failure, remote push button (discharge) line open circuit, and fire alarm)
Product Code 6006329960063399

* We also offer infrared flame detectors as an option.

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