Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Water-Based Fire
Extinguishing Systems
Sprinkler System (Closed Type)

Sprinkler System (Closed Type)
Sprinkler System (Closed Type)
Sprinkler System (Closed Type)
Sprinkler System (Closed Type)


Closed-type sprinkler system
The sprinkler system is called as such because sprinkler heads (water outlets) are fitted onto the room ceiling at regularly spaced intervals. This system automatically detects fire and releases water from sprinkler heads to suppress fires in common buildings (department stores, offices, etc.). It boasts a high probability of suppressing a fire in its early stages, and is a system that has been relied on for a long time. This system is installed in most department stores, amusement parks, factories, warehouses, and underground shopping areas, among others.

Closed-type sprinkler heads

The fusible metal in the thermosensitive part melts at high temperatures (typically 72°C or 96°C), causing the head to open and spray water. The deflector, which disperses the water, is available as downward-facing, upward-facing, and sideward-facing types.

Water flow detector

This device detects water flow in the piping, and activates the pressure switch, producing signals for the alarm and the pump to activate.

End of line test equipment

This device is used to check the water flow performance of closed-type systems as specified, and to test whether the water flow detector works properly.