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Water-Based Fire
Extinguishing Systems
Package-Type, PSICW-80A

(with the door open)

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Package-Type Fire Extinguishing System Type I PSICW-80A [Released 2021]

Compact and easy to install! The pioneering package-type fire extinguishing system SUPER OWL has been completely revamped!
As an alternative to indoor fire hydrants, the package-type fire extinguishing system type I can be installed within buildings that require the installation of indoor fire hydrants.
Everything you need in one slim and compact system! No water tank, pump, emergency power supply, or piping is necessary, which are normally required for indoor fire hydrants.
Therefore, it is cost-saving compared to fire hydrants! Installation is easy too.

Equipped with low-profile indicator lamp
• Dimensions of the part that protrudes outside the box are approximately one-fifth of conventional indicator lamps
• Although low-profile, the light can be recognized from a wide range
Dedicated tube for easy and speedy filling
• A dedicated tube with an open/close valve can be directly connected to a polyethylene cylinder containing the extinguishing agent, allowing for improved efficiency and reduced work time.
No. 1 discharge distance in the industry
• Maximum 16-meter discharge distance from nozzle
• Increase the safety of firefighting operation
SUS-made extinguishing agent cylinder ensures excellent corrosion resistance
• There is no need to worry about the inner coating peeling off, since there is no corrosion caused by fire extinguishing agents
Combination box configurations are also available (optional)
• A combination box equipped with a local fire alarm (alarm bell) and a transmitter, in addition to the red indicator lamp, is also available
[Manufacturers and model numbers of transmitters that are confirmed as installable]
Panasonic: BV6124 Nohmi Bosai: FMMJ102-U NITTAN: 1MF1A-U
[Manufacturers and model numbers of alarm bells that are confirmed as installable]
Panasonic: BV92631 Nohmi Bosai: FBM023 NITTAN: BD-6-24-11 Hochiki: FBB-150I


Product Name


Item Floor-Mounted (Indicator Lamp) Floor-Mounted
(Combination Box)
Recessed (Indicator Lamp) Recessed
(Combination Box)
Approved Model Code HSST-825S
Approval No. PG-049
Product Category Package-Type Fire Extinguishing System Type I
Extinguishing Agent Type Water with type 3 wetting agent solution, etc.
Extinguishing Agent Approval No. 16-1
Installation Method Floor mount (with base) Wall recessed
Cartridge-Operated or Stored Pressure Type Cartridge-operated (with regulator)
Operation Method By rotating handle (on the gas cartridge)
Operating Pressure 0.9±0.05 MPa
Total System Weight Approx. 175 kg
Extinguishing Agent Volume 80.4 L (Approx. 102 kg)
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +40°C
Discharge Time 150 sec
Discharge Distance Approx. 17.0 m
Discharge Flow Rate 28.0 L/min
External Dimensions 750(W)×1,350(H)×230(D) mm 808(W)×1,315(H)×230(D) mm
Dimensions of Recessed Part 770(W)×1,285(H)×210(D) mm
Adjustable Range from Frame to Body Max. 25 mm (*)
Material SPCC
Coating Color JPMA N-85 (light gray)
Door Swing Direction Front opening, right-swing
Extinguishing Agent Cylinder
Internal Volume 84 L (28 L×3)
Material SUS304
Anti-Rust/Corrosion Resistance Uses corrosion-resistant material
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.60 MPa
Number of Cylinders 3
Gas Cartridge
Cartridge Valve Approval No. 59-1
Internal Volume 3.4 L
Material STH-70
Coating Color Gray
Gas Type Nitrogen
Gas Fill Volume 565 g
Hydrostatic Test Pressure/Leak Test Pressure 24.5/14.7 MPa
Max. Fill Pressure 14.7 MPa (35°C)
Safety Valve Actuation Pressure 16.7–19.6 MPa
Number of Cartridges 1
Dimensions Φ17.0 (outer diameter) × Φ13.0 (inner diameter) × 25 m
Material (Outer surface) Polyester fiber weave
(Inner surface) Polyurethane resin
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.5 MPa
Storage Method Hose rack
Nozzle Valve
Open/Close Valve Ball valve (Nominal diameter: Rc1/2)
Nozzle Diameter Φ6 mm
Material C3771B, etc.
Anti-Rust/Corrosion Resistance Cr plating
Pressure Regulator
Regulator Pressure (Fixed) 0.9±0.05 MPa
Material C3604B
Piping:For Pressure
Material Nylon
Diameter Φ6 mm x3
Piping:For Liquid
Material ABS
Diameter Φ10 mm
Red Indicator Lamp 100 V (can be optionally changed to AC24V or DC24V)
Valve for Inspection Ball valve method (Nominal diameter: Rc1/4)
Check Valvec 1 unit (Pressure inlet)
Combination Box Can be equipped with our designated transmitter and alarm bell Can be equipped with our designated transmitter and alarm bell
Product Code 60060499 60060599 60060699 60060799

* Please embed the body of the recessed type system so that it does not protrude from the finished surface of the wall.