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Hose Reel CO2 Fire Extinguishing System

Hose Reel CO2 Fire Extinguishing System


Nozzle with 20 meter-long hose can be aimed directly at the source of the fire, extinguishing it cleanly!

In this system, the CO2 extinguishing agent storage cylinder, hose, and discharge nozzle are connected, and a person extends the hose to where the burning materials are and releases the extinguishing agent by operating the nozzle. It is suitable for places with large openings, or wide-open areas without any walls, where people are always present.
* Please contact us for system specifics.

The system is easy to operate, and can be directly discharged by a single person.
It does not take up much space, and is easy to install and assemble.
No plumbing is required.
The extinguishing agent does not degrade, and can withstand long-term storage.
It leaves no residue.
Excellent electrical insulation eliminates the risk of electric shock.




Standard FESC-approved
Approval No. C-002-1 (Model HCR-20)
External Dimensions (mm) H2,200×W740×D450
Total System Weight Approx. 455 kg
Extinguishing Agent and Storage Cylinder Weight CO2 45 kg×2 units
Discharge Distance 4–6 m (20°C)
Discharge Time 60 kg/min or more Approx. 68 sec
Discharge Method Manual activation
Storage Cylinder
Material Manganese steel
Dimensions Approx. Φ270 × Approx. 1,500 mm
Internal Volume 68 L×2 units
Coating Color Munsell 2.5 G 3/5
Pressure Resistance 68 L×2 units
Cylinder Valve HFV-68H (Approval No.: Yo-081)
Hose Reel
Material SS400
Dimensions H375×W590×D350
Construction Rotating type with Teflon packing seal (Model HCR-20)
Coating Color Munsell 7.5R 4/14
Material Synthetic rubber Braided steel wire Max. operating pressure 10.78 MPa
Dimensions Approx. 20 m
Material SPCA (Horn)
Nozzle Open/Close Valve High pressure ball valve
Dimensions Total length 795 mm
Mounting brackets SS400(L-50×4) mm
Coating Color: Munsell 2.5 G 3/5
Product Code 35100500

* We also offer a variety of box specifications (indoor and outdoor storage).