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Foam Fire Extinguishing System for Gas Stations

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Compact Foam 3S

Compact Foam 3S is a reliable fire extinguishing system that is easy to operate and suppresses fires thoroughly. It brings together a high level of rationality and safety. Compact Foam 3S is the ultimate package engineered for the future.

Easy and safe to operate
In the event of a fire breaking out, the supervisor can choose which island to release the foam extinguishing agent using the system activation panel, so that the agent is released only at the desired location.
Up to 12 lines to meet the needs of large gas stations
With up to 12 lines of selector valves, the system can accommodate even large gas stations.
Thoroughly suppressing a fire from its source
The extinguishing agent is released from the sides of the islands where vehicles are stopped to ensure effective fire extinguishing at close quarters.
Thorough fire suppression with mechanical foam extinguishing agent
Excellent sealing properties of the extinguishing agent put out the fire rapidly and reliably through smothering and cooling actions.


Main Unit
Product Name Compact Foam 3S
Product Model SSFW-120-N
Test Approval Number HT-E-01-006
Product Category Package-Type Fixed Foam Fire Extinguishing System
Extinguishing Agent Type Mechanical foam
Agent Approval No. 18-2
Installation Method Surface-mounted (with base)
Cartridge-Operated or Stored Pressure Type Cartridge-operated (with regulator)
Operation Method Gas-generating valve actuator
Discharge Pressure Range 0.45–0.65 MPa
System Weight Approx. 250 kg
Extinguishing Agent Volume 100 L
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +40°C
Discharge Time Approx. 150 sec
Discharge Distance Approx. 3 m
Discharge Rate 7.4 L/min or more
External Dimensions (mm) H2,070×W710×D356
Material SPCC
Plate Thickness 1.6 mm
Coating Finish Munsell N-7.5
Door Swing Direction Front opening, full overlay
Extinguishing Agent Cylinder
Internal Volume 112.2 L
Material SUS304
Anti-Rust/Corrosion Resistance Uses corrosion-resistant material
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.47 MPa
Number of Cylinders 1
Gas Cartridge
Cartridge Valve Model HFV-40N Yo-083
Internal Volume 10 L
Material STH-70
Coating Color Gray
Gas Type Nitrogen
Gas Fill Weight 1,662 g
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 24.5 MPa
Max. Fill Pressure 14.7 MPa
Number of Cartridges 1
Selector Valve
Lines 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12
Material Bronze
Operating Voltage AC100 V
Pressure Regulator
Regulator Pressure (Fixed) 0.7 MPa
Material C3771B
Foam Release Nozzle Foaming ratio of 3 to 9 times (2 nozzles per line)
Piping 20 A Up to 65 m
Extinguishing System Control Panel
Input Voltage AC100 V±10% 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Maximum 160 VA
Operation Circuit Voltage DC24 V
Reset Button White
Alarm Buzzer When activated: Continuous sound
When faulty: Intermittent sound
Power Indicator Lamp Green
Discharge Indicator Lamp Red
Constant Pressure Regulator Input 1 line
Fire Annunciating Relay Form C contact ×2
Contact Specifications Contact Rating: 60 W/125 VA, Max. Current: 1 A, Max. Voltage: AC250 V/DC200 V
Selector Valve (Solenoid Valve) Connection Output Max. 12 outputs
Selector Valve (Solenoid Valve) Output Voltage AC100 V
External Dimensions (mm) H170×W230×D60
* D90 when using back box
Fire Extinguishing System Activation Device
Main Unit Weight Maximum 1.5 g
Coating Specifications Cream white
Material SPCC
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C (No condensation)
Input Voltage DC24 V (supplied from control unit)
Power Consumption Included in control unit
Discharge (Activation) Button Push button with red LED (with cover)
Activation Lamp When activated: Red LED flashes
When discharge: Red LED lights up
Number of Discharge Buttons Max. 12 buttons