Fire Extinguishers

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  • Eco Mark (Type I)
  • Self-Declared Type (Type II)
  • RoHS Directive
  • PFOS (Chemical Substances Control Law)
  • CUD Mark

Extinguisher Stands/
Extinguisher Unit Boxes
Extinguisher Stands

  • エコマーク(タイプI)
  • CUDマーク
  • エコマーク(タイプI)
  • CUDマーク

Eco Base N


Plate Size:H57×W205×D219 mm
Total Height:H716 mm
Product Code:58959060

Eco Plate N


Size:H230×W250 mm  t=0.6 mm
Product Code:58959160


Industry-first Eco Mark-certified extinguisher stands

These are new fire extinguisher stands that meet environmental and quality standards.

Innovative design
Eco Base and Eco Base N adopt a product design that is not only Eco Mark-certified but also functionally beautiful.
They are also ideal for green purchasing.
Incorporate Color Universal Design
The products are designed based on Color Universal Design, so that they can be easily seen by as many people as possible, regardless of individual differences in color perception.*Limited to Eco Base N and Eco Plate N
Incorporate universal design
Chinese and Korean are now listed in addition to Japanese and English.
The display sign also features Braille, out of consideration for the visually impaired as well.
Easy transport, storage, and assembly
The extinguisher stands are designed to be completely stackable.
The package size has been reduced by 55%, a significant reduction compared to our previous products!
Since screws are not required for assembly, they save more time and effort.
Eco Mark certified products
Eco Mark certified products
These are Eco Mark certified products. *Eco Plate and Eco Plate N have different certification numbers.