Fire Extinguishers

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Fire Extinguishers
for Marine Use
ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher for Small Vessels

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  • PFOS(化審法)


An ideal lineup of fire extinguishers

Different extinguishing agents are required for different types of cargos and vessels. We offer a variety of agents to suit your needs, such as ABC dry chemical, chemical foam, and carbon dioxide.

With superior corrosion resistance, they last longer!
The cap is made of die-cast aluminum with an anodized surface to enhance anti-rust effect.
A powerful handheld fire extinguisher!
It is easy to handle, and demonstrates superior firefighting power for all types of fires.


Product Name ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher for Small Vessels


Standard JCI-approved
Approval No. 4762
Total Weight Approx. 2.2 kg
Total Height Approx. 380 mm
Total Width Approx. 205 mm
Depth Approx. 95 mm
Cylinder Diameter (WΦ) 89 mm
Extinguishing Agent Volume 1.0 kg
Cylinder Capacity 1.5 L
Applicable Fires Ordinary, oil, and electrical fires
Discharge Time at 20°C Approx. 12 sec
Discharge Distance at 20°C Approx. 3–5 m
Operating Temperature Range (-20°C to +40°C)
Anti-Rust/Corrosion-Resistant Treatment Red synthetic resin paint baked coating
Hose 300 mm
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.2 MPa
Gas Cartridge Type B-17
Packing/Shipping Unit 1
Product Code 92349000