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Special Fire Extinguisher
for Metal Fires

  • PFOS(化審法)
  • PFOS(化審法)


New METAX extinguishing agent is indestructible even at high temperatures
The METAX extinguishing agent is discharged directly onto the burning metal surface to extinguish the fire. The extinguishing agent that is discharged thoroughly smothers the burning surface to put out the fire, without being destroyed or damaged by the high temperature of metal fires.
New METAX extinguishing agent is environmentally friendly
The METAX extinguishing agent does not use any substances that fall under the PRTR Act. It does not contain any PFOS substances either. It is an agent that does not impact the environment even after it is released.
New, gentle-discharge nozzle ideal for metal fires
The METAX extinguishing agent must be deposited evenly all over the burning surface of the metal fire. The discharge nozzle of the METAX is specially designed so that it can be discharged with gentle handling. It gently blankets the burning surface without scattering the molten metal.
Applicable for fires from magnesium, tungsten, titanium, iron, lithium, aluminum, and their alloys


Product Name METAX


Total Weight Approx. 10.2 kg
Total Height×Total Width×Depth Approx. 650×250×190 mm
Cylinder Diameter (WΦ) 156 mm
Extinguishing Agent Volume 6.0 kg
Extinguishable Area Approx. 0.75 m² (magnesium)
Discharge Time at 20°C Approx. 30 sec
Discharge Distance at 20°C Approx. 0.2 m
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +40°C
Product Code 99075000

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