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Fire Extinguishers
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Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher (Wet Agent)

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  • PFOS(化審法)


Liquid formula is ideal for cooking oil fires
The extinguishing agent used is a liquid type called “loaded stream extinguishing agent.”
Unlike the widely used dry chemical extinguishing agents, it has excellent cooling and penetrating effect.

In particular, it is outstanding at extinguishing cooking oil fires. When discharging, the extinguisher allows the source of the fire to be seen and to be targeted without obstructing the view. Cleaning up after discharging is also made easy, by simply wiping the affected area.
4 patterns to match your interior design
The cylinder lineup includes four designs in three colors: white, red, and black.
Please choose according to your taste.

• The simple design of the white fire extinguisher will blend in with any room.
• The standard red fire extinguisher gets a makeover through a collaboration with Kitty!
• The classy black cylinder is recommended for men as well!
Easy to operate for women and the elderly as well
The weight is about half that of a standard fire extinguisher! Using it is simple — just pull out the yellow safety pin and squeeze the lever. The extinguisher comes with a “Stop” function that stops discharging when you let go of the lever. The extinguishing agent is discharged again when you squeeze the lever. (* Once a fire extinguisher has been used, it cannot be stored and used again. Please replace it with a new fire extinguisher as soon as possible.)
Compact shape with high durability
The seamless cylinder is the most distinctive feature of Hatsuta’s fire extinguishers. “Seamless” means there are no parts joined together.
Seamless fire extinguishers can withstand high pressures, and are less susceptible to risk of rusting and other problems. It also achieves a clean and compact look.
Great as a gift!
A gift of security to parents who live far from you, or a friend who has just moved into a new house…
Why not gift some peace of mind to those who are close to your heart?

Fire Class
Fire Class
How to Use
How to Use


Product Name Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher (Loaded Stream) for Home Use





Standard Approved by Japanese standard
Approval No. 23-189
Extinguishing Agent Loaded Stream (Approval No. 6-1)
Extinguishing Agent Volume 1.0 L
Total Weight Approx. 2.7 kg
Total Height (H) × Diameter (wΦ) Approx. 385×89 mm
Applicable Fires Fires from ordinary combustibles, cooking oil, heater, and electrical appliances
Discharge Distance  at 20°C 4–6 m
Discharge Time  at 20°C Approx. 22 sec
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +40°C
Product Code 96129300 96129400 96129100 96129200
Service Life 5 years from the year of manufacture

* Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve or upgrade the product.

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