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  • Eco Mark (Type I)
  • Self-Declared Type (Type II)
  • RoHS Directive
  • PFOS (Chemical Substances Control Law)
  • CUD Mark

ECOSS Fire ExtinguishersAqueous Film Forming Foam Fire Extinguisher

  • 自己宣言型(タイプII)
  • PFOS(化審法)
  • 自己宣言型(タイプII)
  • PFOS(化審法)


Foam version of ECOSS series

This type of extinguisher uses an AFFF extinguishing agent with excellent smothering qualities, and are ideal for oil fires. The ARMFE series is also outstanding at dealing with fires arising from water-soluble flammable liquids, such as alcohol!

Excellent at suppressing oil fires
The agent forms an aqueous film on the surface of the flammable material, and is excellent at quickly suppressing the fire and preventing re-ignition.
The ARMFE Series, ideal for fighting alcohol fires!
In addition to Class A ordinary fires and Class B oil fires, this type of fire extinguisher is also effective for fighting fires involving water-soluble flammable liquids such as alcohol, which have been considered difficult to control up till now.
The Burstless™ fire extinguishers (stored pressure type) allow for easy routine inspections without the risk of rupture
Instead of using a separate gas cartridge, the cylinder is filled with clean nitrogen gas to maintain uniform pressure at all times, and thus there will be no rupture.
Also, routine inspections can be performed just by checking the pressure gauge.* All accidents involving ruptured fire extinguishers in the past 10 years have been attributed to cartridge-operated fire extinguishers. None have involved stored pressure type extinguishers.
The Burstless™ fire extinguishers (stored pressure type) are designed for enhanced safety by preventing sudden increase in pressure during operation.
Not Subject to PRTR
These fire extinguishers use extinguishing agents that do not fall under the PRTR Act and do not contain PFOS.
Pressurization with nitrogen, along with recycling/reuse of the SUS cylinder, conserve resources and protect the environment
The conventional way of pressurizing using carbon dioxide has been replaced with pressurization using nitrogen, which is abundant in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the ECOSS series aims to recycle and reuse all components, including the SUS cylinder.
EUQ mark adopted for new label
We have adopted the EUQ mark,
which embodies our three considerations of “ECO,” “UD,” and “QUALITY,” as our label.
The most prominent functional feature is its sheer durability
The SUS cylinder stands out above all. The harsher the environment, the more its qualities shine through. It is most effective in the kind of places where fire extinguishers have been known to fail, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing plants, restaurants, kitchens, hospitals, gas stations, and streets.
Recommended for manufacturing sites and fueling stations
For gas stations, facilities that handle hazardous materials, chemical factories, stores, etc.


Product Name Mechanical Foam (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) Fire Extinguisher




Standard Approved by Japanese standard
Approval No. 23-313 23-395 23-312
Environmental Measures
Eco Mark
Green Purchase Product
Type II Environmental Label
Not Subject to PRTR
Total Weight Approx.
5.9 kg
5.9 kg
10.5 kg
Total Height Approx.
491 mm
491 mm
643 mm
Total Width Approx.
233 mm
233 mm
245 mm
Depth Approx.
142 mm
142 mm
160 mm
Cylinder Diameter (WΦ) 135 mm 135 mm 156 mm
Extinguishing Agent Volume Mechanical Foam 3.0 L (Approval No. 17-6) Mechanical Foam 3.0 L (Approval No. 22-7) Mechanical Foam 6.0 L (Approval No. 22-7)
Cylinder Capacity 4.8 L 4.8 L 9.2 L
Fire Rating (Japan) A-2, B-6 A-2, B-6 A-3, B-12
Discharge Time at 20°C (Approx.) 51 sec 55 sec 98 sec
Discharge Distance at 20°C 3–6 m 3–6 m 3–6 m
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +40°C
Anti-Rust/Corrosion-Resistant Treatment No anti-rust treatment due to use of corrosion-resistant material
Hose Approx.
403 mm
403 mm
370 mm
Fill Pressure N2 Gas 0.7–0.98 MPa
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.60 MPa
Product Code 97407000 97402000 97406000