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Carbon Dioxide
Fire Extinguishers
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

  • PFOS(化審法)
  • PFOS(化審法)


Safeguards your electronic devices with CO2 gas

It has strong smothering effect, with the use of carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent.

No need for cleanups
Since carbon dioxide dissipates into the atmosphere after release, it leaves no residue after use.
Does not cause chemical reactions
As an inert, stable gas, it does not chemically alter metals, electrical equipment, oils, etc.
No risk of electric shock
It has excellent electrical insulation properties.
Easy to maintain
Under normal storage conditions, the extinguisher is easy to maintain, with little or no degradation over time.


Product Name Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher





Standard Approved by Japanese standard
Approval No. 23-253 23-252 23-251 23-315
Environmental Measures
Eco Mark
Green Purchase Product
Type II Environmental Label
Not Subject to PRTR
Total Weight Approx. 8.2 kg Approx. 10.0 kg Approx. 14.1 kg Approx. 20.3 kg
Total Height Approx. 660 mm Approx. 520 mm Approx. 800 mm Approx. 830 mm
Total Width Approx. 185 mm Approx. 210 mm Approx. 250 mm Approx. 250 mm
Depth Approx. 145 mm Approx. 150 mm Approx. 140 mm Approx. 165 mm
Cylinder Diameter (WΦ) 102 mm 140 mm 140 mm 165 mm
Extinguishing Agent Volume 2.3 kg 3.2 kg 4.6 kg 6.8 kg
Cylinder Capacity 3.6 L 5.0 L 7.2 L 10.5 L
Fire Rating (Japan) B-1, C B-2, C B-3, C B-4, C
Discharge Time at 20°C (Approx.) 14 sec 18 sec 23 sec 34 sec
Discharge Distance at 20°C 2–4 m 2–4 m 3–4 m 3–4 m
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +40°C
Anti-Rust/Corrosion-Resistant Treatment Red synthetic resin paint baked coating
Hose (367 mm) (367 mm) Approx. 975 mm Approx. 975 mm
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 24.50 MPa
Product Code 93201000 93202000 93203000 93204000

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