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Practical Firefighting System Comprehensive Training Center

Jisho-kan was established so that our customers could understand and experience our extensive know-how as a long-standing comprehensive manufacturer in the field of disaster prevention. At this facility, we offer visitors the opportunity to see the actual equipment and to experience what happens during actual firefighting. A wide variety of equipment is installed in the building to allow visitors to see all of the fire extinguishing systems, and to offer them hands-on experience in firefighting-related work such as operating the equipment, discharging agents, and conducting inspections.

Hands-On Experience* A separate fee is charged for discharging.

  • 1Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems

    Visitors can experience simulated discharging of IG-55, CO2, and dry chemical fire extinguishing systems.

  • 2Package-type Fire Extinguishing System Type I

    A slim, easy-to-install fire extinguishing system that serves as an alternative to indoor fire hydrants.

  • 3Foam Fire Extinguishing System for Self-service Gas Stations

    A package-type foam fire extinguishing system ideal for oil fires.

  • 4Package-type Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Type I, Type II

    This automatic fire extinguishing system is an alternative to sprinkler systems. It employs a map display (HUMAP) that can pinpoint where the fire has broken out. (Type I)

  • 5Fire Hydrant

    Discharging of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, as well as foam hydrants, is possible.

  • 6Automatic Fire Extinguishing Equipment for Kitchens

    This is an automatic fire extinguishing system for kitchens and exhaust ducts using heat detectors.

  • 7Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Manufacturing Equipment

    This is an automatic fire extinguishing system capable of suppressing fires cleanly, designed for machinery and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

  • 8Fire Extinguishing Pumps

    Fire extinguishing pump (1) Flow Rate 1,800/min
    Fire extinguishing pump (2) Flow Rate 1,080/min

  • 9Diaphragm Tank

    Visitors can fill storage tanks for foam fire extinguishing systems, and check how the mechanism is set up. Aqueous film forming foam systems and protein foam systems are installed.

  • 10Discharge-Type Heads

    A sprinkler system for high ceilings can be discharged.

  • 11Foam Spray Heads, Sprinkler Heads

    A foam fire extinguishing system as well as a sprinkler system for parking lots can be discharged. Foam fire extinguishing systems can also be used to test drainage and foaming.

    Alarm Valve

    Visitors can also see the inside of the valve in operation.

  • 12Air Foam Chamber

    The air foam chamber of the foam fire extinguishing system for hazardous materials can also be used to reproduce the installation conditions and to experience discharging.

In addition, visitors can visit the Bix Gallery and also try their hand at putting out fires.


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