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Lots of Surprising Discoveries

At the Bix Gallery, visitors can view the various products and services we offer.
We hope that the exhibition will provide everyone, from elementary and junior high school students to grownups, with an experience enjoyable to the eyes and ears, as well as through hands-on experiences. We also hope that each and every visitor will make surprising discoveries, and learn things that they will be able to make use of later, should the need arise.

Zones and Experiences

  • Fire Extinguisher Zone

    Our most popular fire extinguishers are on display, with the centerpiece of the gallery being a booth where visitors can try discharging a fire extinguisher themselves.

  • History Zone

    Visitors can view the history of Hatsuta, which goes back more than 100 years, including the Dual Bottle Fire Extinguisher that represents the origin of Hatsuta.

  • Fire Extinguishing Systems/
    CABINEX Zone

    Fire extinguishing systems installed in buildings and factories are on display, and visitors are able to touch and manually operate activated devices and detectors that they normally cannot access.

  • Lightning Protector Zone

    Visitors can view systems that protect electrical equipment from problems caused by lightning strikes.

  • ECO Zone

    Visitors can view the efforts we make as part of our commitment to care for the global environment, such as the Eco-Cycle System, Eco Mark fire extinguishers, and the NEW ECOSS zero-emission service.

  • Evacuation Hatch Zone

    The evacuation hatch can be viewed from the mock balcony.

  • UD Zone

    Universal design fire extinguishers on display.Prototypes under development are also on view.

Other hands-on discharging experience is also possible within the Jisho-kan (for corporate customers only). (Fee charged for some activities)


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