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Extinguishers for Marine Use

  • CSP-3X


  • SDPC-17X


  • SFS-10


  • SHC-11


  • Fire extinguishers for Marine use, approval JG, HK

  • Easy-to-Use Safety Pin

    The safety pin is a ring type with conspicuous yellow. You can take it out of the extinguisher very easily while you are holding a lever, and you can go on to extinguish a fire immediately.

  • "Good Mark" Shows the extinguisher has not been used

    The Good Mark will fall out when you squeeze the lever. If you find an extinguisher without a Good Mark or a hole cap,this is an used extinguisher and it must be filled immediately.

  • Portable Type Powerful extinguisher

    These are easy-to-use extinguishers and they display their greatest force in any case of fire.

 Dry Chemical
Dry Chemical
Chemical Foam
Carbon Dioxide
ModelCSP-3X SDPC-17XSFS-10SHC-11
Standard Approved by JCI Approved by HK
Approval No.No.4762 No.5031No.1643No.4712
Whole Weight
about 2.2kg about 8.3kgabout 13.7kgabout 15.3kg
Whole Height
about 380mm about 580mmabout 630mmabout 830mm
Total Width
about 205mmabout 255mmabout 210mmabout 240mm
Depth about 65mm about 156mm182mm140mm
Powder weight1.0kg5.0kg9.0L5.0kg
Cylinder Capacity2.2L 7.5L10.5L7.8L
Fire ClassGeneral,Oil and Electric FireGeneral and Oil Fire
Discharge Duration
about 12sec. about 14sec.about 68sec.about 34sec.
Discharge Range
about3~5m about4~7mabout6~10mabout3~4m
Temperature Range-20℃~+55℃ -30℃~+55℃ +5℃~+55℃-30℃~+55℃
Corrosion and Rust-Proof CoatingRed and Synthetic-Resin CoatingRed/Green and Synthetic-Resin Coating
Hoseabout 300mm about 400mmabout 400mmabout 975mm
Pressure Test Value1.2MPa5.5MPa2.4MPa24.5MPa
Packing and Shipping1111
Unit Product Code92580500 923051009048030093801100
DrawingClick hereClick hereClick hereClick here
Oparation Manual--Click here-
  • CABINEX Series
  • ECOSS pure water
  • Replacement Parts for CABINEX

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