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  • for metal fire, "D FIRE"

  • Safety, because of using inorganic chemical agent.

    There is no explosion and chemical reaction as being used inorganic extinguishing chemical agent with alkaline chloride.

  • Put out a fire certainly with accumulation of chemical agent

    It is a effective way to put the extinguishing agent over and over on combustion of metal powder or metal foil.

  • Simple handling, same use as normal fire extinguishers

    Pull out the safety pin and grip the lever, then extinguishing agent shall be discharged from the specific nozzle. Chemical agent covers a metal fire like wrapping it without blowing combustion stuff and put out it.

 Fire Extinguisher for Metal Fires
Small Extinguisher
ModelPMP-20 (Pressurized Type)
Extinguishing VolumeApprox 6.0kg
Total WeightApprox10.2kg
Total HeightApprox,650mm
Discharge Time(+20℃)Approx,30Sec.
Unit Product Code99075000
  • CABINEX Series
  • ECOSS pure water
  • Replacement Parts for CABINEX

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