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The drawing below is a typical example for installation of CABINEX for NC lathe. The same systems can be applied for Machining Center.

Explanation of each part of the Cabinex system.

 (1)CABINEX Body : It contains CO 2 Cylinder and Control Panel. It should be decided in accordance with the volume of chemical agent required.
 (2)TH Sensor : Heat Detector at 70℃. Hatsuta’s original sensor.
 (3)Nozzle : Total flooding system.

  • Example

  • Compact, Low price and Easy to Use

  • Compact and Flexible Design

    The KZ is 15% to 18% more compact than the previous series, and can be fixed to the machine tool by it's back or by either side.

  • Options

    If you need fault, Fault alarm, the buzzer sounds intermittently, and the power indicator flashes, producing an aural and visual indication.

  • Meeting the requirements

    If a fire occurs, most important is to minimize its negative effect on any business.
    An automatic fire extinguishing system, along with product liability insurance, is the best way to minimize damages and down time of the production facilities, thus reducing the losses incurred.
    Cabinex-KZ is ideal for such a purpose and is available at quite a reasonable price.

  • Service Network

    Hatsuta has our service network not onlr in Japan, but also in Asia Countries, USA.
    Hatsuta's network can answer your request, as installation, maintenance, CO2 refill as well as Emergency.Please do not hesitate to contact us or our service representatives. We are always eager to help our customers.

Certification No. COX-2KZ COX-3KZ COX-5KZ COX-7KZ
Box External Dimentions
( H×W×D ) mm
480×180×230 580×180×230 760×210×250 760×210×250
Extinguishing Agent Weight 2kg 3.2kg 4.6kg 6.8kg
Total Weight Approx.16kg Approx.20kg Approx.26kg Approx.33kg
Color Red
Material Steel
Control Unit Operating Temperature Range 0℃~ 40℃
Input Voltage AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Power ( Max ) 8VA Max.
Control Circuit Voltage DC24V
Alarm Buzzer Alarm: Continuous Sound Fault: Intermittent Sound
Power LED Green, Normal: ON Alarm: Flashing Fault: OFF
Heat Detector Input 1 Line
TH Sensor Input 2 Lines
Start Button Red with breakable acrylic cover
Machine Stop Relay Contact C×1
Single pole double through relay contact
Fault Relay Contact C×1
Single pole double through relay contact
Relay Contact Specification 60W Max. 125VA Max. 1A Max. 250V AC Max. 200V DC Max.
Remote Start Button Option ( Allows manual actuation from a remote position )
Additional Relays Option ( 4 Single pole double through relay contacts )
Unit Product Code 60075099 60075199 60075299 60075399
  • CABINEX Series
  • ECOSS pure water
  • Replacement Parts for CABINEX

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