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Transparent Plastic Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher

Light, Transparent, First in the World

For many years the basic design of a fire extinguisher has remained unchanged.
Increasingly senior citizens and children are becoming the victims of fire.
In the past metal fire extinguishers have been used as improvised explosive devices.
With this in mind we developed CALMIE for your safety and security.

This is the New Standard. Five ”Number Ones”.
  • Perfect for Fire Extinguishers High Performance Plastic - (PEN)

  • Better Performance than PET

    Compared with PET, the material used for drink bottles, PEN has 50℃ higher temperature resistance, 4 times better gas barrier properties, better chemical resistance and better UV blocking characteristics.
    ※1:PEN(Polyethylene Naphthalate)  ※2:PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate)


  • Made from Plastic…..Safe

    "Soft Touch"

    CALMIE, starting with the cylinder and other parts, is designed from plastic.
    Compared to hard and heavy steel used up to now, CALMIE has a soft touch, is light weight and easy for senior citizens, children and a wide range of people to use.
    It is the perfect fire extinguisher to use at the early stages of a fire.

    The Contents Can Be Seen ….. Security

    "See Through Body"
    CALMIE uses a see through cylinder made from plastic.
    The contents of the extinguisher can be seen and checked. Compared with only being able to check the pressure gauge of a steel extinguisher, anyone can easily check CALMIE at any time and see that it ready for use. This gives you the ideal security of mind to use CALMIE if a fire were to start in your kitchen.

    Consideration for the User…. Universal Design

    "Taking Universal Design to the next level."
    CALMIE was designed based on ergonomics and field monitoring.
    The lever is changed from cold hard steel to warm and soft plastic.
    The hose grip replaces hard rubber with a soft cover. Every aspect of the extinguisher is designed with consideration of the user to make this the ideal Universal Design fire extinguisher.

    First in the World for the Next Generation

    "Bold Challenge"
    CALMIE was developed as the first in the world transparent plastic stored pressure fire extinguisher.
    PEN, a high-tech plastic, meets all the demands required by a stored pressure fire extinguisher. This makes CALMIE the ideal fire extinguisher as the new de facto and global standard. CALMIE is the first in the world for the next generation.

How To Use

1.PULL the Safety Pin 2.AIM at the Base of the Fire 3.SQUEEZE the Lever
Product Name Transparent Plastic Stored Pressure Fire Extinguisher, CALMIE
Model CM10EP
Standard JFEII
Approval Number 25-5


Green Procurement
Type II Environmental Label
RoHS Compliant
Not restricted by PRTR
Weight Approx 4.0kg
Height Approx 505mm
Width Approx 260mm
Depth Approx 146mm
Cylinder Diameter(WΦ) 121mm
Extinguishing Agent Weight ABC Dry Chemical 3.0kg
Cylinder Volume 3.6L
Extinguishing Classification
(Japanese Classification)
Discharge Time(at 20 ℃) Approx. 15s
Discharge Distance (at 20 ℃) 3~6m
Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+40℃
Corrosions Resistance Treatment Not required as made from plastic
Hose Approx. 400mm
Working Pressure 0.7~0.98MPa(N₂)
Product Code 92340000
Test Pressure 1.60MPa

※ Please understand that the specifications and other details may change without notice due to product improvements.
※ This extinguisher is for commercial and industrial use.
※ There may be cases where this extinguisher cannot be installed due to environmental conditions.
※ After use, please replace with a new one.
   Do not take the extinguisher apart. It cannot be refilled.

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